Submit a Radical Resource

Step 1: Pick a theme/question (checkbox)

  • Invisibility—What keeps some people and experiences from being seen?
  • Carelessness—Why do some people get to be careless while others do not?
  • Normal—How does the media reflect and enforce narrow cultural norms?
  • Sacrifice—How does identity (race, gender, sexuality) shape the ways individuals share work in hard times?
  • Victims/Heroes—Who benefits from a culture of fear?
  • Resistance—What does resistance in a dominating culture look like?
  • Doubt—Who do you believe?
  • Forgiveness—What makes healing possible for individuals and communities?

Step 2: Pick a Cooperative Lesson Format (checkbox)

  • Jigsaw-Style (best for 4 primary sources)
  • They say, I say (best for scholarly debates)
  • DBQ-style Essay Prompt
  • Four Corners

Step 3: Upload your materials

  • Here, participants would upload or copy/paste their materials (text, image, video, or audio) with a separate field for citations (Author, Title, Website) and a text description

Step 4: Tell us about your lesson: Why does it belong in K-12 schools? Why is it radical? What makes it important? (a blank field for up to 500 words)

Step 5: Give your lesson a title (blank field for up to 150 characters)

Step 6: Pick an image that captures the spirit of your lesson (upload 1 high-quality image)

Step 7: Tell us about yourself

  • What is your name?
  • Where are you from?
  • Are there any institutions or schools you are associated with? (optional)
  • What would you like teachers and students who use your radical resource to know about you?

Step 8: Submit for approval (document would automatically send the pdf to a teachaboutpower (at)

Sample Jigsaw-style PDF (This is what we want the program to make automatically!)

  • Make a webpage (if possible, adaptable for wordpress and WIX) that will automatically create a PDF of the information people fill out with Teach About Women Branding and formatting when they follow the 8 steps below.
  • Here is an example of what we would like the product to look like
    • Style Guide: Avenir 16 (black), Ariel 12 (grey)
    • colors: purple – 69369e, gold – c7b18d, grey – 434343
    • Future steps: making the same sort of page on WIX, creating Google Slideshows with the information, adjusting format and logo to various campaigns
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